PES 2021 J.League Patch 2021 v3.3 DataPack 5.0

PES 2021 J.League Patch 2021 v3.3 DataPack 5.0 For eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update
PES 2021 J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021
PES21 J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021
J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021 PES 2021
J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021 PES21
PES 2021 J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021
J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021 PES 2021
Kazemario Evolution - New J1 & J2 League Patch for eFootball PES 2021 PC by mahanddeem. It includes Season 2021 for PES 2021 - leagues, teams, coaches, minifaces, faces, formations, tactics and team data with 3/11/2021 Live Update implemented for all leagues, teams and players.

PES 2021 J.League Patch 2021 v3.3 DataPack 5.0 For eFootball PES 2021
*DataPack 5.0 Compatible

Teams ID

144 Consadole Sapporo
145 Vegalta Sendai
146 Kashima Antlers
147 Urawa Red
149 Kashiwa Reysol
150 FC Tokyo
152 Yokohama FM
153 Shimizu S-Puls
155 Nagoya Grampus
157 Gamba Osaka
158 Vissel Kobe
159 Sanfrecce Hiroshima
163 Kawasaki Frontale
164 Yokohama FC
165 Shonan Bellmare
168 Cerezo Osaka
169 Avispa Fukoka
170 Sagan Tosu
171 Oita Trinita
1270 Tokushima Vortis

148 JEF United Chiba
151 Tokyo Verdy
154 Júbilo Iwata
156 Kyoto Sanga
160 Montedio Yamagata
161 Mito Hollyhock
162 Omiya Ardija
166 Ventforet Kofu
167 Albirex Niigata
1271 Thespakusatsu Gunma
1274 Ehime FC
T1278 ochigi SC
1881 Fagiano Okayama
1882 Giravanz Kitakyushu
2370 Matsumoto Yamaga
2371 SC Sagamihara
2372 Machida Zelvia
2373 V-Varen Nagasaki
4101 Blaublitz Akita
4104 Zweigen Kanazawa
4106 FC Ryukyu
5381 Renofa Yamaguchi
Competition IDs
Revealed content
41 J1 League
40 J2 League
44 Emperor’s Cup
84 Fuji Xerox Super Cup


1. All 20 J1-League teams with new season 2021 kits (edit mode imported kits 2048×2048 png)
2. All 22 J2 League teams new season 2021 kits (edit mode imported kits 2048×2048 png)
3. All J1 and J2 team real current managers name, IDs and photos
4. Emperor’s Cup and Fuji Xerox Super Cup Licensed
5. Updated Rosters and formations to all J teams, as well as implemented liveupdate for the whole game (3/11/2021)
6. All players (and teams) have real Konami IDs (which means correct supporters color, banners and language, correct linked chants, correct commentary team names especially when using Japanese commentary, etc.)
7. 100% untouched up to date Konami data for all teams and players
8. 90% of J League (J1 and J2) players have minifaces
9. About 300 real faces for Japan teams, and around 400 for all other leagues
10. Correct team, league and cup names, squads, emblems, kits for England, Spain, Italy, Portugal (all D1 and D2), as well as Palmeiras
11. Licensed all national teams that having real players (example Australia and Egypt)
12. NEWPromotion/Relegation between J1 and J2 Leagues in ML (still an experimental feature). Expect BUGS and/or crashes
13. NEW klashman69 tactics for select teams optional (a separate EDIT00000000). Not for J teams but for tactics made by klashman69 for european and some other teams
14. NEW Predator’s chants (with many Japanese team chants, Kashima Antlers, Kawasaki Frontale, Urawa, Júbilo Iwata, Gamba Osaka, Cerezo Osaka and more) optional install

J1 Leagues PC PES 2021 J2 Leagues PC PES 2021


1. PC version of PES2021 DP4 version 1.04.01
2. Sider 7.0.2
3. Clean game directory download folder (no cpks)
4. Not compatible with any other patches (for example Evoweb patch). This is a standaloneone.

How to Install (main patch)

1. Extract the downloaded patch RAR archive
2. Backup you save folder contents
3. Copy the folders from livecpk folder of the patch to your Sider livecpk folder
4. Copy the contents of save folder of the patch to your save folder in documents
5. In Sider.ini put the following line “cpk.root = “.\livecpk\J1-J2 Patch”
6. Launch Sider and the game, be sure to load EDIT and disable liveupdate

Update 2.1 (current version)

1. Download update folder
2. Extract contents
3. Copy contents of livecpk folder from update to your livecpk, accept to replace files when asked
4. Delete EVERYTHING from your save folder, except your GRAPHICS000000 and SYSTEM00000000 files
5. Copy contents of save folder to your save folder

Optional install (Predator002 Chants)

1. Download predator002 chant folder extract archive
2. Copy livecpk folder content and paste into your livecpk folder
3. Add this line to your Sider.ini “cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Predator002 Chants”

Optional (klashman69 tactic)

1. Finish installing the main patch (including the save folder portion)
2. Copy EDIT00000000 from the klashman69 downloaded folder and replace the one in your PES2021 save folder
3. Never enable liveupdate


1. This patch is centered around Japanese football, while it still covers the European leagues adequately (especially for the default PES2021 teams), please remember if your main soccer focus is Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores, etc. , there are much better patches around covering those competitions.
2. Expect bugs and errors. Many modes in the game I don’t play so I am not that familiar with those modes 3. I highly recommend SiuMing EPL font, Makidan14’s Frostbite pitch and Moiduran2’s Natural and Worn turf. Game looks STUNNING with all these mods combined together.
5. Don’t copy parts of this work and use it for profit or reupload on other site.

Download : J1 & J2 League Patch V2.1 Season 2021 For eFootball PES 2021


Credits & Thanks to

* NFS_FM for all the weekly mobile database, advice and beautiful logos
* EvoWeb patch team (Cesc Fabregas Hawke Hoppus117 mota10 Nemanja scottish_carson, ziyech.2304)
* ICMP Patch Team ninet Albiceleste1994 @MFZ69 @Tony_yeboah @Adrian2780 & lobosemillas
* NFS_FM for all the mobile database and beautiful logos
* JPESEdit team ( for 2021 J1 League Kits
* waserin (waserin_PES) ( for 2021 J2 League
* PES 2021 Mobile Game (J1 and J2 League and Teams database)
* juce & nesa24 (sider)
* predator002 (the great V3 Chant collection)
* All kit makes
* EJOGC327 PES2021 Editor
* SiuMing ted editor
* Smoke patch some faces and minifaces
* makis for some quality faces
* PESMaster website (player IDs, team IDs, database data)
* Football Critics website for the most updated team formations
* klashman69 tactics
* zlac tactics importer and the great PES2021 Kit Studio
* JoshDwight and AlesRos for their constructive suggestions regarding J1 and J2 ML structure.

Found Missing / Wrong Credits ? : if you find the wrong credits please report to our fanpage or tell at the comments

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