Maximum LOD Settings for eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 Maximum LOD Settings
eFootball 2022 Maximum LOD Settings
Maximum LOD Settings for eFootball 2022 - Update For Pro Evolution Soccer | The screenshot will not show the difference, due to the dynamic resolution of the game, the video will show the difference, because there will be more detailed and clear movements, it will be blown out of the distance as well as during the replay

Maximum LOD settings for eFootball 2022 by Gerlamp [GRAND]
Maximum LOD 255% Settings For eFootball 2022 - the "GRAND" maker introduced a new graphic mod, will improve the graphics and rendering in football eFootball 2022.

Features :

This mod improves the rendering in the game, setting a maximum of 255% thus, even with a distant camera, the quality of the models players will not deteriorate, and all player movements will look more elaborate, in a word, the level of detail that we see in the replay mode was pumped into the main game, without deterioration in quality.

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Credits & Thanks To : Gerlamp [GRAND]

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