PES 2021 J League Adboards 30th Anniversary

J League Adboards 30th Anniversary For eFootball PES 2021
PES 2021 J League Adboards 30th Anniversary
PES21 J League Adboards 30th Anniversary
Kazemario Evolution - Football Life 2023 | New J League Adboards 30th Anniversary for Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update made by polaris7.

Little contribution, simply added the 30th anniversary logo and the Efootball logo to the existent JLeague adboards pack. All credit goes to the original author ( I think this adboard pack is originally made by @SiuMing )

How To Install

The zip file should contain a folder named "J1 Adboards"
Unzip it and put the "J1 Adboards" folder into your Sider's livecpk folder
Add the folder to your Sider config file (i.e. sider.ini), e.g.:
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\J1 Adboards"

More detailed instruction if you are using with other adboards:

Inside the J1 Adboards folder, "common\bg\model\bg\bill\config\config.xml" is the file telling the game which adboard should be used for different football matches.
The "config.xml" file contained in the zip folder is based on the original Data Pack 6. It has just inserted one line into the "config.xml" file. (Compared to the original Data Pack 6 one)
The configuration line is (on line 2 of "config.xml"):
<condition stid="-1" compeid="41" hometeamid="-1" teamexclusion="-1" language="-1" region="-1" title="-1" pattern="j1_league" />

If you are using other adboard mods, you have to make sure this line is configurated in your adboard mods to make it work. In the configuration line, compeid="41" (Competition ID #41) is referring the original PAS League. If you are using a different competition ID for J1 League, you have to change the ID also.

Original Link : PES 2021 J League Adboards 30th Anniversary

Credits & Thanks To : polaris7

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