PES 2021 UML Patch 2024 - Fully Updated 23-24 Season


PES 2021 UML Patch 2024 - Fully Updated 23-24 Season
PES 2021 UML Patch 2024 - Fully Updated 23-24 Season

Kazemario Evolution| New UML Patch 2024 - Fully Updated Season 2022-2023 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021 version. This patch only works with PC version of the game and Compatible with Patch 2021.

UML mod is only for private use. The content (including database) is not allowed for use by other mods/patches without a permission. Please let us know if you notice someone stealing our content

What is Ultimate Master League?

UML is a PES 2021 mod focused on bringing you the most authentic and realistic master league experience through many different aspects of the game.

How can I use UML mod?

UML is compatible with VirtuaRED patch so you need to install the VirtuaRED v7 version first (it's fully compatible with v6 too but not with older versions)

What makes UML different from other mods?

We put a lot of attention to details and always figuring out ways to improve. One of the main things to mention is an In-Depth Game Rebuild.

What is In-Depth Game Rebuild?

in Depth Game Rebuild is a whole new approach to updating the PES Database. Here are the features included:

Player upgrades

The main goal of player upgrades is to make every player feel like an individual and be more realistic and accurate to his real life gamestyle and performance. Player stats are manually redone from scratch. Multiple sources are used in determining the final values, from advanced real life player stats, watching full matches and videos, consulting with people with good knowledge of specific leagues and years of experience in editing and testing player stats in game.

Transfers & Loans

Transfers are always up to date with youth team players also included to fill up the roster.


Contracts are based on real life info so you'll have fully accurate player contract lengths as well as loan contracts with different terms (ex. loans with an obligation to buy)

Market Values

Market values are updated to be more realistic and also adjusted to fit in with the game's market value progress.

Player Potential

The players potential for all players is adjusted to make the players develop at a faster pace with certain players having higher ceiling than others. Players will also downgrade at a slower pace.

Player Positions

Positions are getting adjusted to player's current IRL positions while also removing positions that a player played previously in his career but no longer does. Reason for that is to have AI use accurate lineups instead of constantly using players outside of their main positions.

Other Player Settings

Everything else from player age, height & weight, nationality, skills, playing styles and player form is also getting adjusted according to real life situation.

Okay but what about the teams included?

All the leagues/teams are updated to 2023/24 season while also keeping "Other" teams up to date as well. We already added new leagues like MLS and EuroLeague (UML exclusive) with Saudi Pro League being the latest addition.

Formations & Tactics

Formations & tactics get regularly adjusted to replicate real life teams but will now get even better improvements with Klashman69 coming back!

Club partnerships

Teams will now make transfers and send players on loans to certain teams more often to mimic real life transfers (example: Manchester City - Girona FC)

Captains & Set Piece Takers

Teams have correct captains and updated set piece takers

Team Rivals

Team rivals are based on real life rivalries


Teams have up to date coaches with realistic coach ratings

Player Kit Numbers

All players have correct kit numbers for season 23/24

Do you work on any graphical content?


UML mod includes 23/24 kits from the likes of many great kitmakers and the kitserver being managed by the UML team member Daemon. That includes updates to kit fonts, sleeve badges, captain armbands and some other kit improvements.

New Game Menu

New champions themed menu for UML 2024 made by an UML legend jovic1901

Boots & Gloves

We partnered up with a team of modders who are providing us with brand new high quality boots & gloves. Eddyedwards1075, Gabriele-150115, Mr Zero and Fallons are doing a fantastic job of creating and assigning boots & gloves making the game much more immersive and fun.


New minifaces added for new players as well as updated minifaces with higher quality


We added new 23/24 season scoreboards for several leagues from the modders like EDWARD7777, Spursfan07 and eFootball Maker_DREAMER

Other Updates

Champions League & Europa League Teams

European competitions have been updated for 2023/24 season

Domestic Super Cups & UEFA Super Cup

Super cups have been updated to match the 2023/24 season

Increased injuries

Injuries will happen at a much higher rate. You will need to pay more attention to players stamina to avoid injuries

National Teams

National rosters have been updated for majority of the teams

Main GK

CPU teams will use 1st choice goalkeeper more frequently

Youth System

The youth system in Master League includes 32 real youth players

What about any issues reported within the master league?

All the previous issues were resolved so by using the latest UML version you won't stumble upon any master league known issues. We just advise you to follow the install instructions and make sure any extra mods you're applying are compatible and correctly applied.

Original Link : PES 2021 UML Patch 2024 - Fully Updated 23-24 Season

Credits and Thanks To

UML Team- PogChampion, jovic1901, daemonkf

UML Partners- gabriele-150115, Eddyedwards1075, ronnie10_b05, BMKits

Special thanks to VirtuaRED Team for creating the best "all in one" patch out there and these modders who provided their work for UML 2024:

Boots & Gloves : gabriele-150115, Eddyedwards1075, MR ZERO, Fallons

Kits : FRKITMAN, Taquito de Barbacoa, neju, BM Kits , NonoKitmaker, wyd, HLX, RH KIT, Raccoon Design, moukos13, Diegol Kits, Carlos Kit_Maker, NicoKitMaker, MATKITSEN, adelonicKitCreator, MeryojuKitmaker, PES Soccer Kits Team

Kit Badges, Fonts & Templates : Hawke

Tactics & Formations : klashman69

ML Manager Mod : SoulBallZ

Scoreboards : EDWARD7777, Spursfan07, eFootball Maker_DREAMER

Adboards : Arl

Others : eFootball PES 2021 SoFrench Patch Saison 2023-2024 V1.0.

Found Missing / Wrong Credits ? : if you find the wrong credits please report to our fanpage or tell at the comments
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