PES 2013 Ballpack 23-24 V3


PES 2013 Ballpack 23-24 V3
PES 2013 Ballpack 23-24 V3

Kazemario Evolution | Hey there, fellow football enthusiasts! If you're an Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 fan and have been eagerly waiting to spice up your gaming experience, we have some exciting news for you. m4rcelo has just released the Ballpack 2023-2024 V3 explicitly designed for PC players.

Ballpack 23-24 Update V3 made for PES 2013 by m4rcelo - the pack includes 147 new balls ready to play.

copy to : C:Program Files (x86)KONAMIPES2013kitserver13GDBballs

List Ballpack
1=Adidas Al Rihla Official Match Ball
2=Adidas Al Rihla FIFA World Cup 2022
3=Adidas Al Hilm FIFA World Cup 2022 Final
4=Adidas Oceaunz Official Match Ball
5=Adidas Oceaunz Official Match Ball Winter
6=Adidas Conext J1.League 2024
7=Adidas Conext Levain Cup 2024
8=Adidas Argentum 23-24
9=Adidas MLS Pro 2024
10=Adidas Amberes RFEF 2023
11=Adidas Tiro Pro Official Match Ball
12=Adidas Tiro Pro Official Match Ball Winter
13=Adidas UEFA Champions League 22-23
14=Adidas UEFA Champions League 22-23 Winter
15=Adidas UEFA Champions League 22-23 Final
16=Adidas UEFA Champions League 23-24
17=Adidas UEFA Champions League 23-24 Winter
18=Adidas UEFA Champions League 23-24 Final
19=Adidas UEFA Super Cup 2023
20=Adidas Fussballliebe EURO 2024
21=Adidas Fussballliebe EURO 2024 Hi-Vis
22=Adidas Conext 24 Official Match Ball
23=Adidas Roteiro Remake 2024
24=Adidas Fussballliebe K League 2024
25=Adidas Tango Mexico 2024
26=Derbystar Brillant APS Bundesliga 23-24
27=Derbystar Brillant APS Bundesliga 23-24 Winter
28=Derbystar Brillant APS Bundesliga 23-24 Classic
29=Derbystar Brillant APS DFL Supercup 23-24
30=Derbystar Brillant APS Eredivisie 23-24
31=Kipsta Decathlon Ligue 1 23-24 Phase 1
32=Kipsta Decathlon Ligue 1 23-24 Winter
33=Kipsta Decathlon Ligue 1 23-24 Phase 2
34=Nike Flight Aerowsculpt OMB 23-24
35=Nike Flight Aerowsculpt OMB 23-24 Hi-Vis
36=Nike Flight EPL 23-24
37=Nike Flight EPL 23-24 Hi-Vis
38=Nike Flight EPL 23-24 Final Season
39=Nike Flight CBF 2023
40=Nike Flight CBF 2023 Hi-Vis
41=Nike Flight CBF 2023 Outubro Rosa
42=Nike Flight CBF 2024
43=Nike Flight CBF 2024 Supercopa
44=Nike Flight CONMEBOL Libertadores 2023
45=Nike Flight CSL 2023
46=Nike Flight CSL 2024
47=Nike Flight RPL 23-24
48=Nike Flight RPL 23-24 Hi-Vis
49=Nike Flight Super League Greece 23-24
50=Nike Flight Saudi Pro League 2023
51=Puma Orbita LaLiga 23-24
52=Puma Orbita LaLiga 23-24 Hi-Vis
53=Puma Orbita LaLiga 23-24 VS Racism
54=Puma Orbita Serie A 23-24
55=Puma Orbita Serie A 23-24 Hi-Vis
56=Puma Orbita Liga Portugal 23-24
57=Puma Orbita Liga Portugal 23-24 Hi-Vis
58=Puma Orbita SPFL 23-24
59=Puma Orbita SPFL 23-24 Winter
60=Puma Orbita Super Lig 23-24
61=Puma Orbita Egyptian Premier League 23-24
62=Puma Orbita Campeonato Uruguayo 2023
63=PUMA Orbita MFL 1 2024
64=Puma Orbita Carabao Cup 23-24
65=Puma Orbita Carabao Cup 23-24 Hi-Vis
66=Puma Cumbre Copa America 2024
67=Puma Cumbre Copa America 2024 Final
68=Puma Pokou African Cup of Nations 2024
69=Puma Pokou African Cup of Nations 2024 Final
70=Puma Cumbre CONMEBOL Libertadores 2024
71=Puma Cumbre CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2024
72=Kipsta Pro League 23-24
73=Kipsta Pro League 23-24 Winter
74=Kelme AFC Asian Cup 2023
75=Kelme AFC Asian Cup 2023 Final
76=Mitre Ultimax Pro 23
77=Mitre Ultimax Pro 23 Fluo
78=Mitre Ultimax Pro FA Cup 23-24
79=Mitre Ultimax Pro FA Cup 23-24 Fluo
80=Mitre Ultimax Pro 23 FA Community Shield
81=molten UEFA Europa League 23-24
82=molten AFC Champions League 2023
83=molten Chile Campeonato ANFP 2023
84=molten Chile Campeonato ANFP 2024
85=molten UEFA Europa Conference League 23-24
86=molten UEFA Europa Conference League 23-24 Winter
87=Voit LIGA MX Tempest 2023
88=Voit LIGA MX Tempest Apertura 2023
89=Voit LIGA MX Clausura 2023
90=Voit LIGA MX Clausura CCE 2023
91=Voit LIGA MX Apertura Liguilla 2023
92=Voit LIGA MX Tempest Apertura October Pink 2023
93=Voit LIGA MX Tempest Apertura Final Phase 2023
94=Voit LIGA MX Tempest Clausura 2024 Hi-Vis
95=Voit LIGA MX Tempest Clausura 2024 Hi-Vis por la Educacion
96=Voit LIGA MX Tempest Clausura 2024 Hi-Vis por la Inclusion
97=uhlsport Croatian Football League 23-24
98=uhlsport Attack ADDGLUE
99=uhlsport Attack ADDGLUE Red
100=Umbro Neo Swerve Pro II
101=Puma Orbita EFL 23-24
102=Puma Orbita EFL 23-24 Hi-Vis
103=Puma Orbita EFL Play-Offs 23-24
104=Puma Orbita EFL Rainbow 23-24
105=Puma Orbita Supercoppa 23-24
106=Puma Orbita OMB 23-24
107=Puma Orbita Thermabond OMB 23-24
108=uhlsport Match Pro Brasileirao Serie B 2023
109=uhlsport Match Pro Brasileirao Serie B 2024
110=Derbystar Brillant APS 2.Bundesliga 23-24
111=Derbystar Brillant APS 2.Bundesliga 23-24 Winter
112=Kappa Kombat Serie B 23-24
113=Kappa Kombat Serie B 23-24 Hi-Vis
114=Kipsta Decathlon Ligue 2 23-24 Phase 1
115=Kipsta Decathlon Ligue 2 23-24 Winter
116=Kipsta Decathlon Ligue 2 23-24 Phase 2
117=Kipsta Decathlon Trophee des Champions 2024
118=Adidas Conext FIFA Club World Cup 2023
119=Penalty S11 Ecoknit 2024
120=Adidas Oceaunz J1.League 2023
121=Adidas Oceaunz J1.League 2023 Kotohogi 30
122=Spalding NBA Official Game Ball
123=WE-PES 00's
124=WE-PES 30's
125=WE-PES 40's
126=WE-PES 50's
127=WE-PES 60's
128=WE-PES 2002
129=WE-PES 2003
130=WE-PES 2007
131=WE-PES 2008
132=WE-PES 2009 Claw
133=WE-PES 2010
134=WE-PES 2011
135=WE-PES 2012
136=WE-PES 2013
137=WE-PES 2014
138=WE-PES 2015
139=WE-PES 2016
140=WE-PES 2017
141=WE-PES 2018 Tripletta
142=WE-PES 2019 Fuerza
143=WE-PES 2020 Regista
144=WE-PES 2021 Momento
145=WE-PES-eFootball 2022
146=WE-PES-eFootball 2023
147=WE-PES-eFootball 2024

Original Link : PES 2013 Ballpack 23-24 V3

Others : PES 2013 Ballpack 23-24 V2.1.

Credits & Thanks To: m4rcelo editor

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