PES 2021 EURO 2024 + AFC Champions League Scoreboard

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PES 2021 EURO 2024 + AFC Champions League Scoreboard
PES 2021 EURO 2024 + AFC Champions League Scoreboard

Kazemario Evolution | New EURO 2024 and AFC Champions League Scoreboard made by EDWARD7777 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021 PC version.

What does "Custom Euro and AFC CL.lua" do?

It enables the use of these scoreboards in the official competition of the game including the master league. you dont need to do anything, to activate it, but if you want to use the AFC Champions League scoreboard on exhibition u must press 5 on the module to enable it in the exhibition and deactivate it when not in use (only for this Purpose)

Euro works on exhibition without activating exhibition mode on the module. You can also add it to the regular Scoreboardserver without issues!!

How to Install EURO 2024 + AFC Champions League Scoreboard

Requests: Requires the latest version of Sider 7 + PES 2021 Mega Scoreboard Pack 1

1. Extract and copy the content and modules folders to your Sider 7 folder
Please make sure to add Custom lua right under CommonLib.lua this P4ScoreboardServer.lua updates from 1.6 to 1.6.1 In the future will make the internal table on a different file to avoid updating this every time.

2. Open sider.ini with any text editor and add the following lines

lua.module = "Custom Euro and AFC CL.lua"
lua.module = "P4ScoreboardServer.lua"

3. Add this to map_competitions of your scoreboard server

41, UEFA\Euro 2024
1065, UEFA\Euro 2024
2089, UEFA\Euro 2024
3113, UEFA\Euro 2024
4137, UEFA\Euro 2024
5161, UEFA\Euro 2024
6185, UEFA\Euro 2024
42, UEFA\Euro 2024

15, AFC\Champions League
1039, AFC\Champions League
2063, AFC\Champions League
3087, AFC\Champions League
4111, AFC\Champions League
5135, AFC\Champions League
6159, AFC\Champions League
7183, AFC\Champions League
8207, AFC\Champions League
16, AFC\Champions League

No TV channel logo, for now, will be added later whit a complete scoreboard server update!

Original Link : PES 2021 EURO 2024 + AFC Champions League Scoreboard

Credits & Thanks To :
Scoreboards by Edward7777
AFC Champions League replay by Brokaka

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