PES 2021 European Facepack #1 to #6

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European Facepack #1 to #6 For eFootball PES 2021
PES 2021 European Facepack #1 to #6

If you enjoy finding new talent and have been a fan of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 2021), you're in for a treat. The European #1 to #6 Facepack, which contains thirty-six updated faces for eFootball PES 2021 and PES 2020, was just released by talented modder Fleishman.

Introducing the European Facepack #1 to #6, masterfully crafted by none other than Fleishman. This facepack is like a breath of fresh air for PES 2021 enthusiasts, as it brings to life the faces of thirty-six new players from various European football clubs. Say goodbye to generic-looking players and get ready to see your favorite stars with stunningly accurate and detailed faces!

Full Players List:

European Facepack #1 includes: Bryan Heynan, Eirik Andersen, Albert Vallci, Nikolai Laursen, Timon Wellenreuther, Gyrano Kerk
European Facepack #2 includes: Fredrik Aursnes, Dino Arslanagic, Nikola Storm, Maximiliano Caufriez, Fabian Lustenberger, Charles Vanhoutte
European Facepack #3 includes: Hannes van der Bruggen, Anthony Musaba, Alexander Corryn, Kevin Denkey, David Bates, Dimitar Velkovski
European Facepack #4 includes: Dino Hotic, Robbe Decostere, Calvin Dekuyper, Serge Philippe Raix-Yao, Giulian Biancone, Sebastien Bruzzese
European Facepack #5 includes: Kylian Hazard, Rocky Bushiri, Massimo Bruno, Roberts Uldrikis, Knowledge Musona, Mike Vanhamel
European Facepack #6 includes: Jean Butez, Marius Noubissi, Moumi Ngamaleu, Ricardo Horta, Adrian Dalmau, Casper De Norre

How To Install European Facepack #1 to #6 (CPK Version)

Use "CriPackedFileMaker" to create a "CPK" file of "Sider version" folder contents.
Copy "CPK" file to eFootball PES2021\download
Use the "DpFileList Generator" tool to add the created CPK file into your game
Play & Enjoy Game !!!

How To Install European Facepack #1 to #6 (Sider Version)

Install Sider : PES 2021 Sider by Juce
Copy all faces folder inside your Sider folder & add the line cpk.root = ".\faces" to your sider.ini
Play & Enjoy Game !!

Original Link : PES 2021 European Facepack #1 to #6

For those who may not be familiar, facepacks are awesome modifications that bring life-like player faces into the world of virtual soccer. And trust me, when you see the level of detail in this facepack, you'll be blown away!

The European Facepack #1 to #6 for eFootball PES 2021, handcrafted by the talented Fleishman, offers thirty-six new player faces from various European football clubs. Thanks to their dedication and attention to detail, you can enjoy an even more immersive gaming experience with these lifelike additions.

Credits & Thanks To : Fleishman

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