PES 2021 UEFA EURO 2024 Stadiums Pack

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PES 2021 UEFA EURO 2024 Stadiums Pack
PES 2021 UEFA EURO 2024 Stadiums Pack

Kazemario Evolution | New eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021 UEFA EURO 2024 Stadiums Pack updated by Marlon Anthony. This pack includes five magnificent stadiums to your gaming lineup, bringing the tournament's excitement directly to your screen. Explore Cologne Stadium, Frankfurt Arena, Arena AufSchalke, Munich Football Arena, and Stuttgart Arena in incredible detail.

Featured Stadiums:

Football Arena Frankfurt 
Football Arena Gelsenkirchen 
Football Arena Koln 
Football Arena Munich 
Football Arena Stuttgart 

From the Author (Marlon Anthony)

"Hi PES Fans, I'm by no means a stadium maker, I'm too lazy to learn to use Blender however thanks to some help from @Trevor Sports and @piospi explaining how to edit stadium textures, I had a go at redressing some of the Euro 2024 stadium dressings before the tournament starts. They're not perfect and I'm an amateur but they'll do until some of the stadium-making professionals take over and can do them better justice. I've only edited 5 that I'm satisfied enough to share, whilst hopefully, someone can do the other missing 5."

Thanks to @Seven7 for his custom WC06 German Stadiums, I used them as a base for Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne meanwhile I reskinned @papijonnnn & @captain8lunt Munich 2020 stadium.

*Known Issues*
There's some flickering on Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne but I have no idea what causes that, again maybe one of the stadium experts can chime in with their knowledge or are welcome to improve them themselves!

Football Arena Frankfurt Football Arena Gelsenkirchen Football Arena Koln Football Arena Munich
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Credits & Thanks To : Marlon Anthony

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